I wrote nonfiction most of my life, first reports on the manufacturing industries, and then later magazine articles on topics from health and fitness to travel and industry. One day I got the idea to convert notes I’d kept while training for a marathon into my first book, the memoir Twenty-four Years to Boston. The marathon was my second, and occurred twenty years after my first. I wondered how my body would perform as a forty-seven year old father of four compared to a rowdy twenty-seven year old shipyard welder. I procrastinated four years before I wrote the final chapter, after I qualified for my first Boston Marathon at the age of fifty.

Twenty-four Years to Boston was published by St. Johann Press in October 2013. Since I finished the manuscript I have researched and published many articles about aging and running, which will be the topic of a follow-on book.

Articles and essays I’ve published, include an essay version of title story of my short story collection Once A Welder. The essay can be viewed on my Portfolio.